Venue Selection

Venue selection is a custom process for every client and event we produce 

Company Events


Award Galas

Cultural Venues

Teepee Dining

Decor & Entertainment

Events are designed with specific attention paid to creating a balancing blend between theme, mood, and style – bringing forth a perfect harmony with your objective and guests.

Cultural Tours & Excursions

 Whether it be a high thrill activity or a relaxing afternoon taking in all the city has to offer, we will tailor the experience for each program. 


Activities & Tours

Experiential Adventures

Culturally Immersed CSR


Culinary Experiences
& Dine Arounds

Exclusive and unique dine-around experiences at our carefully selected world class restaurants

Chef Tasting

Local Culinary Dining

Transportation & Staffing

Equipped with a thorough understanding of high-level service, we will suggest the most effective transportation and staffing  solution for your guests.


 Our ability to transform your desires from concept to reality makes for an exciting and cohesive planning process.